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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a conceptual reference to a variety of massage modalities intended for therapeutic support including pain relief and rehabilitation, stress relief, and other specific challenges related to body systems (musculoskeletal, respiratory, hormonal, etc).

As a treatment, therapeutic massage typically focuses on a specific area (vs. a whole-body treatment) so it’s important to consider a complimentary regimen for a holistic approach to healing.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a regenerative massage therapy designed to specifically target underlying muscle layers and connective tissue. It’s best suited for people suffering from chronic muscle tension and pain.

This type of massage can be helpful in treating repetitive stress injuries, chronic pain, and injuries that cause limited mobility.

Because deep muscle massage is a more intense experience, targeting painful trouble areas, it may cause varying degrees of discomfort. Ongoing feedback with your therapist helps to ensure your comfort during the massage.

Sports Massage

Athletes lead very different lives, deliberating pushing the boundaries of movement. As an effective member of an athlete’s care team, massage therapists play a critical role in injury prevention as well as improving performance.

However, sports massages aren’t exclusive to athletes. When similar injuries occur in everyday life, a sports massage therapist is specifically trained to identify abnormalities that have the potential to lead to further injury unless treated properly.

Hot Stones Massage

Hot stone massages typically utilize volcanic rock (basalt) that retains heat for a prolonged period of time. These stones encourage increased blood flow to local areas for a relaxing benefit and are a great rehabilitation technique for tight muscles and chronic muscle-related pain.

Stones may also be used as massage tools by your therapist for the physical healing effect they have to soften stiff muscles and help increase joint flexibility with repeated use.

Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage therapy is intended to reduce the discomforts associated with pregnancy while supporting the healthy development of the fetus. As your body changes through this time, our therapists work with you to adjust your treatment as necessary.

Common benefits include relieving muscle and joint aches and pains, reducing stress, decreased swelling and back pain, improved circulation, and improved sleep quality.

NOTE: Because of an increased risk of miscarriages in the first trimester of a pregnancy, be sure to consult with your primary care giver before embarking on a massage regimen during your pregnancy.

Relaxation Massage

This traditional massage is designed to relax the entire body and leave you with a deep feeling of calm. Your session will be focused on stress reduction and mild to moderate muscle discomfort. This is an excellent approach to improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

Benefits include improved sleep, more energy, better concentration, and more.

Relaxation massage is often recommended for first time clients.

Acupressure Massage

One of the many goals of acupressure is to provide relief from muscle tension and chronic tightness, promoting the break down and realignment of soft tissue fiber.

It encourages the relaxation of muscles and tissue, accelerating healing and the restoration of muscle movement.

Acupressure is commonly used to treat a variety of muscular and soft tissue problem areas and is often used as a complementary treatment with other health care modalities. It can also be an effective adjunct to chiropractic treatment and can effectively accelerate recovery from injuries.

Acupressure massage therapy benefits a wide range of health conditions, including pain, headaches, insomnia, poor circulation, sinus problems, arthritis, shoulder and neck tension, and back pain. It is also effective in preventative health care maintenance.

Couples Massage

A couple’s massage combines therapeutic relief with different modalities and quality time together. Alternatively, come with a friend and unwind with a relaxing massage, or benefit from a deeper massage therapy.

Injury Recovery Massage (Motor Vehicle Accident)

If you’ve sustained personal injuries in an accident (workplace, motor vehicle, etc.), a therapeutic massage can be an essential part of your recovery plan, with an emphasis on stress relief, reducing pain and swelling, improving circulation and range of motion, preventing the formation of scar tissue and other myofascial adhesions, and generally accelerating the recovery process.

Whiplash is a particularly prominent injury in motor vehicle accidents that benefits greatly from massage efforts to relax these muscles and restore them to their original state, as well as address accompanying pain from headaches, nerve compression, numbness, muscle spasm, and much more.


This is one of the best deep tissue therapies available, with documented benefits to the lymphatic system, circulatory system, and promoting deep tissue repair. The cups can be placed on a variety of areas on the body including hands and ankles, affecting musculoskeletal systems as well as reflexology areas.

There are many benefits to this technique such as loosening stiff muscles, encouraging blood flow, and sedating the nervous system (which also makes cupping an ideal treatment for those with high blood pressure).

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